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Advanced Electronics and Infocomm Technologies

With rapid urbanisation and the global drive towards building smarter cities, Info-Communication Technology (ICT) solutions now play an ever increasing role in almost every aspect of our lives, transforming the way governments and enterprises deliver their services at an unprecedented rate.

Modelling, Simulation and Edutainment

New technologies have transformed the way people learn, work and play in an unprecedented manner. These technologies have and will continue to pave the way for infinite possibilities in the domains of Simulation, Edutainment, Training and Services.

Intelligent Transportation and Telematics

The development of an effective and efficient public transportation system has direct impact on the successful urbanisation of a country. With worldwide populations expanding, the ability to move large numbers of people safely, quickly and efficiently becomes pivotal for economic development.

Defence and Homeland Security

The fast-changing world stage has spawned new challenges in defence and homeland security. With a volatile political climate and heightened security threats, defence and homeland security forces have to constantly reinvent themselves and upgrade their capabilities in order to be a step ahead of the evolving threats.

Satellite Communications and Remote Sensing Satellites

Gearing towards pioneering seamless end-to-end broadband wireless solutions for various communication needs, business applications and platforms.

Sensors and Electro-Optics

Surveillance is critical in sustaining business continuity and protecting infrastructure, as well as physical, corporate and human assets. Our state-of-the-art radar, microwave sensors, fibre optic sensors and electro-optic solutions are widely used for surveillance purposes.

Eco Innovation

ST Electronics believes that everyone in the community has a relevant role in preserving the environment. As an eco-enabling ICT company, we innovate solutions that empower our customers to operate in a sustainable and resource-efficient manner.

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