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ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems)
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E-Govt & Enterprise Solutions Division (ESD)

1. Sales Manager Ref: ICS/ESD/SM/CLCAY

2. Associate Engineer Ref: ICS/ESD/EN

3. Project Manager Ref: ICS/ESD/PM/JA

4. Network Engineer Ref: ICS/ESD/JA

5. Solutions Consultant Ref: ICS/ESD/SSC/CLC

6. Technical Project Manager Ref: ICS/ESD/SE/CLC

Production Division (PED)

1. Associate Engineer Ref: ICS/PED/YKB

Customer Services Division (CSD)

1. Admin Assistant Ref: ICS/CSD/AT

2. System Shift Administrator RefRef: ICS/CSD/DO

3. Security Engineer Ref: ICS/CSD/JK

4. Helpdesk Agent Ref: ICS/CSD/KHT

5. System Management Officer Ref: ICS/CSD/KBC

6. COTS Engineer Ref: ICS/CSD/VMO/JS

7. System Administrator Ref: ICS/CSD/SA/SS

8. Engineer Ref: ICS/CSD/SS

11. Carpark Supervisor (24/7) Ref: ICS/CSD/CS/WL

12. Shift Engineer (24/7) Ref: ICS/CSD/WJH

13. Shift Engineer Ref: ICS/CSD/SE/WWS

15. System Administrator Ref: ICS/CSD/MM/WSK

16. System Engineer Ref: ICS/CSD/SE/TJS

17. Site Engineer Ref: ICS/ISD/SLK

18. Associate Engineer Ref: ICS/ISD/SCK

19. IT Operations Engineer Ref: IFS/ISD/IOE/SCK

21. Associate Engineer Ref : ICS/SSD/AY

22. Engineer Ref: ICS/SSD/E/AY

24. Associate Engineer Ref: ICS/SSD/FLSK

RF & Systems Division (RSD)

1. Product Engineer Ref: ICS/RSD/AK

2. Network Engineer Ref: ICS/RSD/AMIR

3. Software Lead Ref : ICS/RSD/CSS

4. Sales & Marketing Exec Ref: ICS/RSD/DY

5. Senior/Hardware Engineer Ref: ICS/RSD/HE/JN

6. Project Manager Ref: ICS/RSD/PM/JN

7. Senior Software Engineer Ref: ICS/RSD/SKH

8. Hardware Engineer Ref: ICS/RSD/HE/SKH

9. Software Engineer Ref: ICS/RSD/SE/TSC

Mobility System Division (MSD)

1. Software Developer Ref: ICS/MSD/CKC

3. Software Engineer Ref: ICS/MSD/LKH

5. Senior Software Developer Ref: ICS/MSD/OTM

Integrated Comms Division (ICD)

1. RF System Engineer Ref : ICS/ICD/NYK

2. Operation Support Admin Ref : ICS/ICD/PL

4. Project Manager Ref: ICS/ICD/ME/PCL

5. Implementation Engineer Ref: ICS/ICD/SL

7. Regional Sales Manager Ref : ICS/ICD/RSM/TH

8. Site Engineer Ref: ICS/ICD/VW

9. Installer Ref: ICS/ICD/I/VW

10. Associate Engineer Ref: ICS/ICD/AE/VW

11. Installer Ref: ICS/ICD/WWS

Defence Electronics Division (DED)

1. Project Manager Ref: ICS/DED/JL

2. Software Engineer Ref: ICS/DED/LCJ

3. Mechanical Engineer Ref: ICS/ASD/LBH

4. Software Engineer Ref: ICS/ASD/MT

Quality Department

2. System Safety Engineer Ref : ICS/QD/TKK

Technology Office

1. Senior Engineer Ref: ICS/TO/HKF


Interested applicants, please email your detailed resume to

We regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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