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Integrated Logistics and Maintenance Support

We have more than four decades of experience in providing integrated logistics and maintenance services. Our integrated maintenance solution supports a range of advanced electronic systems in land, naval combat and air defence arenas. This includes preventive and corrective maintenance in specialised areas of weapon and electronic systems, shipboard communications, radar and electro-optical systems amongst others.

Backed by comprehensive workshop facilities and a specialised and experienced workforce, we are able to provide a wide range of operation and maintenance services to defence, industrial and commercial customers in support of our life cycle solution business.

These services include:

  • Operation and maintenance support for naval, land and air defence systems. These include O/I/D level maintenance, spares management and engineering support in terms of upgrading and enhancement works
  • Development of test programme sets for automated depot repair
  • Calibration and repair of test, measuring and diagnostic equipment
  • Comprehensive maintenance support for airport systems including air traffic control radar system, automatic terminal information system, radio direction finder system, etc.

Test Programme Set (TPS) development for automated depot repair

We provide depot level support capability for electronic modules and printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). Our services include:

  • TPS Development
    • Develop test programme for testing and diagnosing of digital, analog, power modules and hybrid PCBA
    • Design and fabricate Interface Test Adapter (ITA) and accessories to facilitate automated testing
    • Generate test documentation to provide comprehensive technical coverage on testing process

  • Electronic Modules Repair Services
    • Multi-layer board rework and repair
    • SMT devices removal and replacement
    • Testing and repair of power supply modules
    • Standard serviceability test
    • Production testing of PCBA
    • Hardware retrofit and firmware upgrade

  • Test Engineering Support Services
    • Upgrading and refurbishing of legacy ATE / testers
    • Maintenance of commercial and military ATE
    • TPS re-hosting services
    • ATE / Tester design and integration

To date, a range of TPS have been developed, covering the following types of systems:

  • - Avionics system
  • - Missile and weapon systems
  • - Radar and sensor systems
  • - Display and processor systems
  • - Navigation systems
  • - Electronic warfare systems
  • - C3 systems
  • - Underwater systems

Calibration and Repair of Test, Measuring and Diagnostic Equipment

The Instrument Calibration Centre (ICC) is the leading one-stop service centre in this region, providing calibration and repair services for a wide range of electronic, mechanical and dimensional test equipment.

With more than 40 years of experience behind us, we are a major service partner for the aviation, semiconductor, defence, manufacturing, telecommunications and petroleum industries. Our team of highly skilled and competent staff, have an average working experience of about 15 years and we maintain the highest standards of quality service and integrity, making our laboratory the industry's choice for one-stop calibration and repair.

Our calibration laboratory is certified to the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025 under the SAC-SINGLAS. The reference standards maintained at our laboratory are traceable to national laboratories such as : NMC A*Star(Singapore), NIST (US), NPL (UK) and PTB (Germany).

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