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Agilis RF and Integrated Products

As the demands of satellite communications continue to play a broader role in the larger communications network, companies need the right set of products and solutions that meet their business-specific needs. We offer an unparalleled range of products that are designed in house with high-performance features and best-in-class attributes. Our state of the art VSAT equipment operates across the entire spectrum of frequency bands, from C, X, Ku, Ka bands to L and DBS bands.

In addition, we offer a broad range of power options for Block-Up Converters (BUCs) from very low power palm size to very high power of up to 1000W, including custom-built and ruggedised models for military applications.

Our integrated products include manpack, rapid deployment skid, and transportable earth station. We supply all required components in one integrated terminal: antenna, RF, baseband, voice/data application hardware and software systems.

We leverage our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities for rapid deployment and response. Our integration expertise allows us to tie all the required products together into a single package that meets the needs of a customer.


Today, businesses need an effective and powerful system that sits at the heart of their business. It must contain the intelligence to tie all the pieces across the network together in a manner that provides true visibility and analysis.

The Agilis Real-time Advisor is more than just a network management system. It is an intelligent, robust web-based system that enables customers to monitor and control hundreds of systems and equipment in such a way that it can analyse voluminous of data versus simply reporting on it.

The integrated network can be managed as a single platform from one central location. Comprehensive, versatile and scalable, the Real-time Advisor meets the advanced network needs of any organisation. It easily expands and adapts to multiple nodes, allowing users to rapidly configure, manage and troubleshoot multivendor networks.

The Real-time Advisor uses an intuitive web interface and comprehensive real-time and historical reports in multiple graphical views. A one-click configuration download helps users quickly save and restore their working configuration user profile.

Through the use of a complementary mobile application for smart phones and tablets, customers are empowered to monitor their networks conveniently. Experts can provide effective and strategic support to network operations from anywhere in the world without the need to be permanently stationed at the Network Operations Centre (NOC). This significantly reduces manpower costs, improves bandwidth utilization, and provides maximum convenience to the users.

Regardless of the technology platforms used by customers, we have the capabilities to manage hybrid networks and to custom-design a network management system for any unique requirement. In addition, the Real-time Advisor has built-in support for more than 100 preferred multi-vendor equipment drivers.


Communication networks are growing increasingly complex to meet operational and business needs. They require multiple refined technologies, ranging from mobile to fixed to communications networks, working together cohesively.

Agilis works with companies as a trusted partner, helping to create the right solution for their businesses. Whether that includes our own in-house designed products or third-party products, our goal is to create a complete solution built with the right functions and features that fit the long-term business needs of the customer.

This approach also includes advising on the right communications approach—whether that is using satellite, non-satellite or a hybrid network.

Our Professional Services team has the expertise across all phases of network communications that help to deliver end-to-end solutions. Key focus areas include the development of turnkey system-of-systems integration programmes and solutions for various verticals across the world. This involves the integration of various best-of-breed products to develop solutions that fit our customers’ demands for complex and mission-critical communication networks, regardless of the technology platforms.

By applying our deep and broad experience in systems requirement analysis, design and integration for telecommunications networks, Agilis brings the expertise necessary to provide the best value to the customer.

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