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ST Electronics Showcases AgilSpace™ Solutions at Singapore Airshow 2016

With Highlights from TeLEOS-1, Singapore’s 1st Commercial Earth Observation Satellite

Singapore, 16 February 2016 — Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics) will be exhibiting AgilSpace™, its signature brand for its emerging space business solutions with TeLEOS-1 as the centerpiece showcase at the Singapore Airshow 2016.

TeLEOS-1 is Singapore’s first Commercial Earth Observation Satellite designed and built in Singapore at the ST Electronics Satellite Systems Centre. On display include selected test images with iconic places in Singapore such as Changi Airport, Sentosa Island as well as overseas.

“As we begin to receive test images taken by TeLEOS-1, we continue to calibrate the camera to capture better focused and clearer images. It has been an eventful journey for ST Electronics as we have been able to meaningfully contribute to Singapore’s space industry by acquiring capabilities that encompass satellite design, manufacturing, launch and in-orbit testing. We hope to use this knowledge and experience to design and build more advanced satellites in Singapore,” said Mr Lee Fook Sun, Deputy CEO & President, Defence Business of ST Engineering and President of ST Electronics.

Samples of Test Images by TeLEOS-1 captured as part of In-Orbit Test (IOT)

Sentosa Island, Singapore (14 Jan 2016)

Singapore Sports Hub, Singapore (23 Jan 2016)

With a mean revisit time of 12-16 hours and coverage of the equatorial belt with up to 6 imaging opportunities within a day, TeLEOS-1 is capable of providing down to one metre resolution panchromatic imagery, with a 12km swath width. TeLEOS-1, being the first remote sensing commercial satellite operating in the Near Equatorial Orbit at +/- 15 degree around the equatorial belt, has the competitive advantage of having more imaging opportunities compared to other polar orbit remote sensing satellites over this region. Business prospects for TeLEOS-1 include applications in maritime security and safety, Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief, environmental and resources monitoring and urban planning and infrastructure management. TeLEOS-1 remains on schedule to roll out its first commercial imagery by mid-2016.

AgilSpace™ - ST Electronics’ Signature Brand for Space Business Solutions

Recognising the growing global demand for remote sensing solutions, ST Electronics has been growing its space business, offering a complete turnkey satellite programme which includes GeoServices, Satellite and Subsystem solutions – all showcased at Singapore Airshow 2016.

Leveraging on a team of experienced satellite operators and geospatial professionals, AgilSpace™ GeoServices provide multi-source imagery data and a full spectrum of geospatial analysis solutions to meet customer’s requirements. Value-added services also include satellite direct receive services, ground segment operations, training and consultancy services. With TeLEOS-1, ST Electronics will offer highly responsive solutions through increased re-visit rate and high availability capability.

Equipped with state-of-the-art satellite manufacturing and testing facilities, AgilSpace™ Satellite Solutions specialises in cost-effective turnkey mission design, small satellite design and manufacturing as well as a full suite of satellite engineering services. Other capabilities also include management of launch-related services. AgilSpace™ Subsystem Solutions offer space-qualified modules that are developed from heritage satellite programmes.

ST Electronics has a team of experienced engineers that can adapt and develop customised subsystem solutions to help customers to bootstrap and achieve cost-effectiveness in their satellite developmental efforts.

Come visit the ST Engineering Pavilion at Singapore Airshow 2016 which will feature an exciting showcase of ST Electronics’ Smart Solutions at the Smart Combat and Smart City clusters from 16 to 21 February 2016 at #G01, Changi Exhibition Centre (9 Aviation Park Road, Singapore 498760).

More information about TeLEOS-1 and the enlarged test images can be found in Annex 1.

pdf ST Electronics: Singapore Airshow 2016 (TeLEOS-1)


ST Electronics (Satcom & Sensor Systems) is a leading provider of satellite communication, sensor, security and space products and solutions. Our sensor solutions enhance perimeter security (AgilFence®), safety (AgilSense™), sustainability (AgilLiteS™) and coastal surveillance (AgilTrack™). In satellite communication, our Agilis® microwave products and iDirect™ Hub & Router serve a wide segment of industry, covering telecommunications, internet service provider, government & defence, maritime, aeronautical, oil & gas, broadcast and enterprise organisations. In space, we specialise in the design, development and production of advanced earth observation satellites and offer a comprehensive suite of space qualified satellite modules and complete earth observation solutions under the AgilSpace™ brand.

ST Electronics (Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited) is the electronics arm of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd, one of the largest public-listed companies on the Singapore Stock Exchange. ST Electronics is a global engineering company specialising in the design, development and integration of advanced electronics and communications systems. Our capabilities are in Rail & Intelligent Transportation; Satellite & Broadband Communications; Info Comm Technologies; Command & Control operations, Training & Simulation; Intelligent Building & Security Systems and Cybersecurity. We have a presence in over 20 countries spanning North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, China, India and Southeast Asia. For more information, please visit

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Michelle Choh
AVP, Corporate Communications
ST Electronics
Tel: (65) 6413 1788

Wendy Ching
Assistant Manager, Corporate Communications
ST Electronics
Tel: (65) 6413 1290

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